Simple Mvvm Ria Services project creation does not complete

Dear Tony, I just downloaded the version for VS 2013. When I tried to create a new Simple Mvvm Ria Services project, I get the error message: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Vi...

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ViewModelDetail EndEdit not respecting attributes

Tony, I'm built a Silverlight 5 application using Telerik's Data Access component. I recently added a detail view using the ViewModelDetail template. Adding a new record works fine, but editing...

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Missing files

I have a few missing file in the source code: project : SimpleMvvmToolkit-WindowsPhone-v8.0 MessageBus.cs, UIDispatcher, ViewModelDetailBase and ViewModelExtensions thx

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ViewModelDetailBase IsValid binding update

Hey, I noticed if i bind my button to the IsValid property of a ViewModelDetailBase (SimpleMvvmToolkit-SL5) it doesn't get updated when there is a validation error. I think the problem is in th...

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VS2013 SimpleMVVM Silverlight Application

When creating a SimpleMVVM Silverlight application in VS2013 the template only creates the client side, and not the Silverlight enabled web project for the WCF service. A web project needs to be c...

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Designer breaks in VS 2013 with simple app

If I create a very simple do-nothing Windows 8.1 Store app the designer throws an exception. After hours of spinning my wheels I decided to post here and hope for a solution. This is the excepti...

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Issues with ViewModelDetailBase in WPF

I am using VS2013 and SimpleMVVM v5 in WPF I have attached a small program to demonstrate issues I am having with ViewModelDetailBase. IsDirty and AssociateProperties do not seem to be working. ...

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Can't add ControlStoryboardAction to MVVM Project.

Hello! I would like to add some UI Animations with Blend but experiencing troubles adding a ControlStoryboardAction (EventTrigger behavior) to my Simple MVVM Project. When adding the Behavior w...

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Code Snippets

Hi there I've just watched the "Getting Started" screencast and then used NuGet to download and install the software. I'm running Windows 8.1 and VS2013 Prof. In the video there is much talk of C...

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CallMethodAction for wp8 and windows store vs2013

Hello Thaks for sharing toolkit for wp8 and store . I've tried and I succeeded CallMethodAction for WP8 . Toolkit will be very happy if you put this code using System; using System.Collections....

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