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mutiple calls

We used simple mvvm in our project. We have a mapping file which have entries of all messages. We have messages those are firing once and then other multiple are messages are receiving it. But ther...

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installation issue

Simple MVVM Toolkit installs in Program Files(x86) just fine. But it is not present in Visual Studio 2012 (on W7) when I create a new project. What files are supposed to be where to have VS2012 re...

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Simple Mvvm Ria Services project creation does not complete

Dear Tony, I just downloaded the version for VS 2013. When I tried to create a new Simple Mvvm Ria Services project, I get the error message: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Vi...

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ViewModelDetail EndEdit not respecting attributes

Tony, I'm built a Silverlight 5 application using Telerik's Data Access component. I recently added a detail view using the ViewModelDetail template. Adding a new record works fine, but editing...

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Missing files

I have a few missing file in the source code: project : SimpleMvvmToolkit-WindowsPhone-v8.0 MessageBus.cs, UIDispatcher, ViewModelDetailBase and ViewModelExtensions thx

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ViewModelDetailBase IsValid binding update

Hey, I noticed if i bind my button to the IsValid property of a ViewModelDetailBase (SimpleMvvmToolkit-SL5) it doesn't get updated when there is a validation error. I think the problem is in th...

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VS2013 SimpleMVVM Silverlight Application

When creating a SimpleMVVM Silverlight application in VS2013 the template only creates the client side, and not the Silverlight enabled web project for the WCF service. A web project needs to be c...

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Designer breaks in VS 2013 with simple app

If I create a very simple do-nothing Windows 8.1 Store app the designer throws an exception. After hours of spinning my wheels I decided to post here and hope for a solution. This is the excepti...

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Issues with ViewModelDetailBase in WPF

I am using VS2013 and SimpleMVVM v5 in WPF I have attached a small program to demonstrate issues I am having with ViewModelDetailBase. IsDirty and AssociateProperties do not seem to be working. ...

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Can't add ControlStoryboardAction to MVVM Project.

Hello! I would like to add some UI Animations with Blend but experiencing troubles adding a ControlStoryboardAction (EventTrigger behavior) to my Simple MVVM Project. When adding the Behavior w...

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