VS2013 SimpleMVVM Silverlight Application


When creating a SimpleMVVM Silverlight application in VS2013 the template only creates the client side, and not the Silverlight enabled web project for the WCF service. A web project needs to be created that includes the test page and the Silverlight.js file. As far as I can tell Visual Studio does not include an option to add this type of web project after the application is created. Would you suggest a workaround for now?


tonysneed wrote Mar 14, 2014 at 7:39 AM

Although a Silverlight project template that includes the web host would be nice, it's not really necessary. You can easily create the web host after first creating the Silverlight app using the Simple Mvvm Silverlight template, by opening the property page for an empty ASP.NET Web project and selecting Silverlight Applications, then adding the existing Silverlight project.

Don't forget to make the web project the Startup project for the solution, and the test page the startup page for the web project.