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Installation Instructions

To install the Simple MVVM Toolkit all you have to do is run SimpleMvvmInstaller.exe.

Before running the installer, be sure to download and install the required prerequisites.

The installer performs the following tasks.

1. Registers the SimpleMvvmToolkit assemblies so that they appear in the “Add Reference” dialog in Visual Studio.

2. Copies Visual Studio project templates, item templates, code snippets and xml snippets to the proper location.
     - Current user’s Documents \ Visual Studio 2010 \ Templates and Code Snippets
     - An assembly is also added to the GAC to support the SimpleMvvmRiaServices multi-project template

3. Creates a SImpleMvvmToolkit directory in the Program Files directory
     - On machines with a 64-bit OS the folder name will be: Program Files (x86)
     - Libraries subdirectory contains supporting DLL’s from the Blend SDK and Silverlight Toolkit

4. Provides a zip file with the Source Code for the Simple MVVM Toolkit

5. Provides a zip file with two categories of Samples
     - Main: a 3 part series of end-to-end Silverlight applications using the toolkit
     - Other: a series of smaller samples focused on individual features of the toolkit

To use the toolkit all you have to do is open Visual Studio, select File \ New Project, then click on the Mvvm category beneath the Silverlight (Windows for WPF, or Silverlight for Windows Phone).  Once the project is created simple follow instructions in the ReadMe.txt file(s).  This will consist of adding new items using the Simple Mvvm Visual Studio item templates and inserting code snippets.

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