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New Features in v2:

  • An Installer that places the binaries, templates and snippets in all the right places.
    • Copies binaries, libraries, samples and source code to one location
    • Copies Visual Studio templates and code snippets to the correction location
    • Registers the binaries so that SimpleMvvmToolkit appears in the Visual Studio Add References dialog.
  • Visual Studio project templates
    • Project templates for Silverlight, Windows Phone and WPF, which include starter Locator, Model, ViewModel, View and ServiceAgent classes.
    • A multi-project Visual Studio template that includes a Silverlight client, a Silverlight Unit Test project and a WCF RIA Services project.
  • The main sample now has Parts 2 and 3
    • Part 2 demonstrates navigation, messaging, property associations, async
    • Part 3 demonstrates using the toolkit with WCF RIA Services, including persistence with CRUD operations
  • Simplified and consolidated ViewModelLocator template which creates ViewModels on-demand.
    • This allows Views to control the ViewModel lifetime, avoiding potential memory leaks
    • Silverlight and Windows Phone apps use the same ViewModelLocator template
    • The code snippet to insert injected (for dependency injection using MEF) ViewModels is more robust
  • Improved support for unit testing (with the Silverlight Unit Testing Framework – included in the Silverlight Toolkit)
    • Includes an extension method for enqueuing  conditional tasks with a timeout
  • Simpler and more robust MessageBus
    • Now uses leak-proof eventing model so that unregistering for messages is no longer required
    • ViewModelBase now includes helper methods for sending and receiving messages
  • GenericDelegateCommand supports parsing string parameters from XAML
    • Plays nicer with CommandParameter in XAML

Other Features:

  • Support for Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone 7
  • Helper classes, Visual Studio templates, code snippets
    • Helpers: Model and view-model base classes, MessageBus,
      DelegateCommand, MEF Export attribute
    • Templates: View-model, detail view-model,
      view-model locator, injected view-model locator
    • C# Code Snippets: bindable property, vm locator, command
    • XML Code Snippets: Blend event-trigger
  • Sample applications with step-by-step instructions
    • End-to-end Silverlight Mvvm sample using WCF
    • Simplified “Getting Started” sample
    • Associated properties sample
    • Async execution sample
    • Enum to list conversion sample
    • Message bus sample
    • Navigation sample
    • Dependency injection (MEF) with unit testing
  • Model and ViewModel base classes
  • Strongly typed data binding with lambda expressions
  • View-model locator service
  • DelegateCommand based on ICommand
  • AssociateProperties method to link view-model and model properties
  • Event-based facility for two-way communication between views and view-models
  • MessageBus for sending notifications in a loosely coupled fashion among view-models
  • Dependency injection (IoC) for unit testing using MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework)
  • IEditableDataObject support with deep cloning
  • Conversion of enums to lists for populating combo boxes
  • Async support with transparent marshaling to the UI thread
  • Built-in support for WCF RIA Services

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